The Farm on Oak Creek remains a work in progress. As I come across resources that might be helpful to other small farmers and local food entrepreneurs, I’ll add them here.


Farm to Consumer Legal Defense Fund. This amazing group offers Pro-Bono legal defense to farmer/members who are being harassed by governmental authorities for the production and sale of local food products. The peace of mind they offer is well worth the membership fee!

Gary Mortimer, Mortimer Farms, Prescott Non-GMO bird, cattle, goat and pig feeds and Artificial Insemination for Cows. 928-925-6653

Water Testing: Legend Technical Services of AZ, 17631 N 25th Ave, Phoenix, AZ 85023, 602-324-6100Helfter Free Choice Minerals. This bank of minerals was installed after Dixie and Brighty died from Milk Fever. I notice that even my chickens and turkeys inspect the 16 offerings in their tiny trays. The only thing Elsie has ever taken was the kelp, the salt and the calcium, which she only helped herself to for 2 weeks prior to delivering Hannah.

Dr. Register/Jumpstart This product was recommended to me by a fellow dairywoman who has used it and the oral gel successfully to treat milk fever. I haven’t yet used it. Elsie is still young enough not to be affected by Milk Fever and what little reaction she had after calving this time I was able to treat using doses of Bragg’s Apple Cider Vinegar (recommended in their water for two weeks prior to calving).

Phyto-mast Herbal treatment for mastitis in cows. The treatment also works as a mastitis preventative when you’re drying up your cow.


Food Product Testing: IEH Warren Laboratory, 650 O Street, Greeley CO 80631, 970-475-0252 or 800-945-6669
This lab will test your canned products for water/acidity for less than $40 per sample (at this writing). Their turnaround time is about a week.

Iodophor Sanitizing Solution (and other brewing/fermenting supplies): Tempe Brewers Connection 1425 E University Dr #103, (480) 449-3720

Non-GMO Pectins: Pacific Pectin
I am presently using their Liquid Pectin dry mix for my pepper jellies with great results.

Non-GMO sugar: Zulka Sugar from Food City.  Non-GMO Certified cane sugar.