The Farm on Oak Creek

A Milestone!

It happened.  At long last, my commercial kitchen is approved for use.  Only for jams and jellies at the moment, but after 3 years of agonizing struggle…IT’S DONE!  Jalapeno Jelly, here I come!

the commercial kitchen on the farm

It’s official! I’m up and running.

Okay, not really.  Now I need to talk to the Planning and Zoning department about using the kitchen as a commissary kitchen–a kitchen for hire.  Fingers crossed.  Oh and I also need to get the Arizona Department of Environmental Quality on board  so if someone wants to make something that uses a lot of water…

Still I’m celebrating today!  And no I’m not drinking all that wine in the picture.  The wine cabinet is no more.  I’ve been saving this stuff to make vinegar.


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