Awaken the Sleeping Heart

As you may have known, I’ve been working on my first Medieval romance in …well, a few years.  With fourteen pages left to write, I’m almost done. You can get a head start on reading it.  I’ve uploaded the first four chapters to Bookfunnel, where you can download it in whatever format you need.

Here’s the link:

Many thanks to Karrie Ross for her great cover!

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  1. Very seldom do I become as attached to an author’s work as I have your work. When I series comes to an end, it’s almost heartbreaking, silly as that may be. I want to wait to buy the book: I can’t be left longing and holding.

    SO looking forward to the new book. Susan

  2. I wrote a lot of nice thing and this solve the equation (and trust me I know basic math) won’t let me past. I HATE screwed up things that even after seven(7) tries take everything I write away. It makes me absolutely furious. So forget nice and let me focus on the system that let us both down, the I AM NOT A ROBOT shize.

    • I am so sorry! I hate that thing, but I haven’t had time to find a replacement for it and without it I get spammed to high heaven. Thanks so much for enjoying my work and taking the time to comment! I’m still working on the last chapter of Sleeping Heart–King John took his sweet time showing up for me. I’m hoping that it will be drafted by tonight and polished by tomorrow. Fingers crossed!

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