The Farm on Oak Creek

Shrink Wrapping Birds

shrink wrapping chickens

So I slaughtered 17 chickens for some folks and this time I wanted my work to look professional.  Thus the shrink wrap bags.  The tube channels the air out of the bag as the bag and bird are dipped into almost boiling water.  It takes about 3 seconds and…there it is shrink wrapped, just like the “real” chickens in the store.

Of course, I for20150805_153636[1]got to cut off the tails of the zip ties and trim the end of the bag, but hey!  It was my first time.  Getting ready for that big week before Thanksgiving!  I’m going to need some giant economy sized bags for some of my birds, though.


my fat cat and turkeys

The turkeys are wondering how the fat cat got up there.


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