The Farm on Oak Creek

Sic et Non

That’s Latin for “Yes and No”.  That’s how I feel about being 60.

In the YES category are:

  • I don’t care what people think about me, because I like me.  If they don’t like what I’m doing, then it sucks to be them.
  • I actually like the way I look, wrinkles and all.  My face and the gray in my hair says “life well lived”
  • I’m in the best shape of my life. I pretty much weigh what I did when I graduated from high school and I can carry a 50 pound bale of hay as far as I need to.  I can even run up the driveway without breaking a sweat or even panting.
  • I speak with authority because, damn it, I’m 60.  I know stuff about life that a 20 year old doesn’t.
  • So far, my body is working just the way it should and my blood pressure is the envy of a 30 year old.

In the NO category are:

  • I’m 60.  That’s 10 years away from being 70.  Holy smokes, how did I ever get to be so old?  And why, if I am this old, don’t I feel old?  Geez, I hope I never “feel old”, and the years never catch up to me.



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