The Farm on Oak Creek


I can hardly believe that a full year has passed since the ex took his nose dive into “Crazy Time”.  What a year it’s been!  Not only did I lose my 28 year marriage, but two cows (both of them died of milk fever on my birthday, no less).  It’s really odd to look back at the year from this end of it and realize that I miss the cows much more than I miss the husband.

I guess it’s happened.  I’ve transitioned to my new life, and discovered that it’s pretty darn wonderful over here on the other side.  So for this post I want to give thanks to the many people who’ve helped me arrive at what I thought was an unwanted destination but instead turned out to be just where I needed to be.

First, thank you Justin. Not only are you an awesome son, you’re a great listener and a good counselor.  Stephanie Allison and Peggy Wong, more than once you guys offered up a life raft just when I needed it. To Gene and Sandy Lindow as well as the rest of the Lindow clan, thanks for keeping me.  I love you all!  You’ll always have a home here with me.

To Barbara Dimperio, friend for 35 years and many more to come I’m sure, and to the other ladies of the “birthday group”, love you guys.  Gail and Bob Haugland, thanks for being here for me whenever I needed it, as well as loaning me a truck and delivering fences.  To the fabulous Neeses, who never took sides and moved to Prescott so I get to see the grandkids more often!  Connie Flynn, paranormal writer unparalleled, and Holly Thompson, amazing regency author, thanks for listening even when I’m sure you guys were ready to gag when you saw my phone number show up on caller ID.  To Al and Elana Sepulvada for being the best neighbors in the world.  To Jacquie Robinson: cheap wine is okay when we’re sharing it.

A huge thank you to Eric Marcus and Su Petersen for being wonderful friends, and for showing up to support my use permits along with Kevin O’Melia, my other best neighbor in the world, Ron Brinkman and Bruce and Tambrala of The Vineyard B&B.  One more meeting to go!  For that matter, I have to give thanks and compliments to the Yavapai Planning and Zoning department, especially Tammy DeWitt, for helping me navigate the permit maze.

To Leah and Logan, Jim and Sharon, and Kai and Meghan for offering to help any time I need it, but especially thanks to Meghan for the lard.  The pie crust yesterday was AMAZING.  Gary and Mike, thanks for making my first ever solo Thanksgiving a great day!  To Penny and Aaron for loving my old house in Scottsdale while supporting me up here.  Alice and Ronnie, I’m so glad Kodi loved the turkey foot.  Richard–Shao Lin has a foot waiting for her here too.  I know…this farm is truly a dog heaven.  And speaking of dogs, thanks to Chet for the beautiful portrait of Moosie and Bear.  Who knew I could love those two mutts so much?

Thanks so much to Jim, Mario, Michaela, Ashley, Thalia and Dennis–all part of my new Wednesday night home at the Up the Creek Grille.

Lastly, to the tens of thousands of readers whose love for my books helps to keep me on the farm:  THANK YOU!  Now that Thanksgiving and the slaughtering is over, I’m getting back to work on the newest mystery.  I fear I left poor Faucon and Edmund standing by a well as they ponder an unlikely circle of suspects.  I’m sure they’re ready to move forward by now.


© Denise Domning, 2023