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Graistan Genealogy

Okay, sort of.  But some of my readers have asked how Faucon de Ramis is related to Gilliam FitzHenry (Spring’s Fury) and Geoffrey FitzHenry (Autumn’s Flame).  So, understanding that my people are purely fictional, here’s how it COULD have happened.

It all starts with Adeliza de Clare who marries Aubrey de Vere.  They have tons of children–12 give or take–including one who has no name (daughter de Vere).  Of course she’s the one who married Roger de Ramis, Faucon’s grandfather. Their son, Thomas married Matilda and they are the parents of William and Faucon. Meanwhile, another of Bishop William’s sisters, Felice married a Roger de Raine. In my version of history, late in life Felice gives birth to Ermina de Raine, the mother of Gilliam and Geoffrey.


 Roger de Raine  m Felice de Vere
1142 b 1140, d 1156 b 1134, d 1174 b1145, d1173 |
Alwyna Ricolda m 1155 Henry of Graistan m 1161 Ermina de Raine
| | |
1156 1156 1165 1173
Richard Rannulf Geoffrey Gilliam
Adeliza de Clare m Aubrey de Vere
Roger de Ramis m daughter  de Vere William de Vere Geoffrey de Vere
| |
Thomas de Ramis m Matilda Geoffrey de Vere
| |
William Faucon Oswald de Vere