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Spring’s Fury

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SPRING’S FURY is an enthralling captive/captor style romance with that special Denise Domning touch.”—Romantic Times Magazine
SPRING’S FURY … keeps its readers enthralled with dynamic dialog and a tempestuous story line page after page, to the very end.’
—  Literary Times, Inc“5 STARS … A lush Medieval tapestry of delight that is a first rate, brilliant read from a first class writer…”
Affaire de Coeur

Nicola of Ashby stages a daring escape to avoid marrying the man who killed her father. To no avail. Even trained to the sword, she cannot elude marriage to this knight who is as much her match as her mate.

Until Gilliam FitzHenry besieged Ashby and claimed it as his own, he had no hope of home and family. Now, Nicola’s home and hand are his, but if he is to ever own her heart it will take every bit of his natural talent for taming wild creatures.