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The Warrior’s Maiden

Kindle Paperback

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A baron and his daughters are dead, slaughtered on the king’s road, when the sheriff should have kept the peace. Can his ungainly daughter solve the mystery of their deaths before the baron’s grieving widow and his bastard son wreak vengeance on her father, the man they hold responsible?

” … filled with vivid descriptions of the period especially the role of single women as pawns to be used, misused, and discarded as necessary. Denise … provides her audience with a darker but fuller picture that those Medieval aficionados who demand total realism will relish.”—Harriet Klausner, reviewer

Elianne du Hommet, the sheriff’s useless third daughter, is doomed to a life as her father’s unpaid unmarried servant. Then a slain nobleman’s bastard rides through her gate, threatening to kill her father for incompetence while offering Elianne the chance to know, just once, the joy of a man’s touch.

Josce FitzBaldwin intends to destroy the bandits who killed his father and half-sisters. Instead, he finds himself enmeshed in a tangled web of deceit and betrayal where thieves slaughter innocent children but don’t empty purses of their gold. The last thing he expects is to beg aid of the sheriff’s honest daughter as he secures the vengeance he so craves.