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I was going to write about Rupert, who has become a swimming dog now that the temperatures have climbed into the 90s. He slides into the ditch and lets the current float him downstream for a bit, then paddles like heck, gets out and rolls in the grass…and, of course, then runs in joyful, cool,… Continue Reading

Teen Rabbits

Let me say, if you haven’t experienced life with a teenager of some sort, you just haven’t lived. I, unfortunately, have enjoyed that experience with human children (ugh), puppies (lordy, lordy), ram lambs (someone save me), and calves (OMG, I cannot believe you used your tongue to open that gate!). I am now officially adding… Continue Reading

Locked in ’til Lunch

That’s my egg laying chickens I’m talking about. As you, my plucky readers, will recall, my laying hens have endured predator pressure for the past two years, including golden eagles, ravens, puppies, and egg-eating skunks. That’s why I’ve been periodically locking my girls into their coop over the last few months. The Farm’s version of… Continue Reading

Rupert the Garden Dog

When I first moved up to Northern Arizona I left behind the (tiny) garden of my dreams that I’d created in the backyard of my (equally as tiny) Scottsdale home.  However small that garden, when I turned my back on it, it had been in constant production for almost twelve years and supplied most of… Continue Reading

Ducks are Weird

The Mason Ditch, which runs like a stream through the middle of my farm, has been empty for much longer than anyone who depended on this water liked. Well, sort of empty. Water always finds its way, even when everything is shut off. Mostly, that’s Page Springs leaking, whether on purpose or because something’s on… Continue Reading

Mushrooms and Messengers

It’s been four years since I last plugged a log with mushroom spawn. The oyster mushrooms that resulted were prolific and delicious, but after two years the log was spent and they disappeared. That’s when my friend Laurie requested that I do it again. So I ordered mushroom spawn from my favorite mushroom spawn company–run… Continue Reading

Ready for Poults

Before I bounce into talking about the home we’ve built for my soon-to-arrive turkey babies, we need to do a bunny update. Why? Because they’re unbearable cute and I can’t help myself. Perhaps it’s the breed. American Chinchilla rabbits have gorgeous plush gray fur and very round faces and ears with pink linings. Or maybe… Continue Reading

New Home for the Bunnies

It happened this week. The baby bunnies went from infants to tiny rabbits. They’re two and half weeks old now and have quadrupled in size. Their eyes are open and they’ve stopped squirming on their bellies to hop like rabbits. And they despise Christina and me because we cannot help ourselves. We absolutely must pick… Continue Reading

Spring Cleaning

Before I start on what I’ve been sprucing up for spring (with the able assistance of Christina), I need to bring you up-to-date on the baby bunny situation. That situation is that these babies are unbearably cute! All four have tripled in size, but Bitsy is doing an especially good job feeding her two. As… Continue Reading