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Summer’s End

It’s still 64 degrees outside as I write this and even though I know the temperatures will be back near 100 degrees later in the week. Although it is still, albeit just barely, August it feels like Fall today. I know that later this week we’ll be back to almost 100 degrees, right now the… Continue Reading


Did you know a dog can be a hypochondriac? I didn’t. At least, I didn’t until last week. Okay, in all fairness to Rupert, he is a vaccine-injured dog. (He actually has an exemption from having vaccines until he’s 18 months old.) It’s entirely possible that the vaccine that temporarily paralyzed him also left his… Continue Reading

I’m So Sorry!

To the woman who appeared next to me at my chicken tractor Thursday morning, I am so profoundly sorry. I cannot believe I did what I did. I know it’s too late, but I feel like I need to explain what happened and why I acted the way I did. First, it was 5:30 AM,… Continue Reading

Draggin’ Hoses

What happened to our Monsoon season? One storm that drops only enough water to dirty the truck is not going to cut it! I need my rain because, other than my ancient flood irrigation system that I keep patching up, I don’t have any way to satisfactorily water anything anywhere on the farm. What a… Continue Reading

Dog Days

Here we are again, starting into the dog days of August, and boy, oh boy has it been hot here. We had two days–maybe three; I can’t remember because the heat addles my brain–over 105 degrees. That’s really unusual for us, and it’s made worse by the very thing that usually makes this place livable:… Continue Reading


A couple of weeks ago I was having lunch with my friend Su. Su and I have known each other about nine years now, having met while exhibiting at a local craft fair. She was selling Norwex. I was subtly introducing raw milk to my community by selling lemon curd and my jalapeno jelly. The… Continue Reading

Bear’s Big Adventure

So Bear gave me a scare last week. It was my fault because somehow I managed to leave two creekside gates open overnight. I swear the heat pickles my brain, but I’m unwilling to give up garden time just because it’s 104 degrees. At any rate, the gates were open overnight and, to the best… Continue Reading

It’s Happened

I know this will be hard to believe, but the impossible has happened. I have run out of baling twine to use for my building projects. Oh, the horror! What can I say? Every animal I own is grazing on pasture at the moment, so I’m not buying any hay. That may change in the… Continue Reading

Truant Teen-aged Chicks

So, I had a brilliant idea the other day. I was in the garden looking at a butternut squash vine, or rather I was looking at a pair of squash bugs mating on the butternut squash vine. Just prior to discovering the squash bugs I’d seen a plethora (or maybe closer to a ba-jillion) little… Continue Reading